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Empty Eggs-We NEED Help!

15 years ago we had an idea. To allow people to put stuff inside and egg and seal it up seemed magical at the time. 15 years later we have put some interesting and touching things into eggs. I remember a love note from a Mother to child. We once put an $8000.00 tennis bracelet in an egg. Money is popular. A customer asked us to put $1000.00 each in 4 eggs for grandchildren. But I would have to say for me the most memorable was attenpting to stuff 6 replacement guitar strings inside an egg.

I make the eggs in batches of 24 eggs so I pick a creative theme for every batch. Crosses, music notes flowers have provided the basis for a few themes.

We seal them up while you wait and package them tastefully with a limited number of window totes available for the people that want a name placed on the egg. I will be set up to seal eggs Tuesday 22 to Easter Saturday.Also Easter Saturday at the Sarnia Farmers Market too. The eggs are 5 7/8" tall.

Happy Easter


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